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These are links to some really awesome Zelda sites.
Check them out!

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The Legend Online

These are the Links

Name Votes(last week) Vote for this site
Zelda Top Charts 0
Zelda Top 50 0
Zelda Palace 0
The Temple Of Light...The Sacred Realm V. 2.0 (framed) 0
The Legend of Legends 0
The Triforce is out there... 0
Legend of Zelda : the Lost Chapter 0
The Sacred Realm of the Triforce 0
Zelda's Kingdom 0
ZeldaGames 0
Zelda: The Saga 0
Ocarina Online 0
Pete's Zelda 64 Page 0
ZeldaPower 0
Zelda Ocarina of Time 0
Everything Zelda 64 0
Zelda 64 World 0
Zelda Myst:Changes in Time 0
David's Zelda 64 Page 0
ZeldaHeaven 0
The Bring Back Zelda Cartoons HQ 0
ZeldaHeadquarters 0

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