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Zelda Database

I'm not quite ready yet, but you can check it out. You will find some dead links and the walkthrough not complete but I'm working on that!
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I think this is one of the best guides there is. Look here for the guide.


Here are some maps for dungeons in Zelda 64


Golden Armor and Crossbow
Platinum scal;e and Unfreezing Zora's domain
Triforce rumors
Marathon runner
Another Triforce rumor


More than four bottles
Swordless Link
Fall into nothing
Playing the ocarina w/o having it equiped
Unbreakable Deku stick
Play your sword like the ocarina
Epona cam
Epona glitch
Swordless Link 2
Ladder/Hover boots glitch
Link can fly!
Invisible Fishermans hat
Game Freezes with Epona
Link has a laser pointer
Crazy Hopping
Cruel cruel Link


Golden Skultulas
Watch some Psychocuccos: without getting hurt!
Mask tricks (adult)
Senseless violence, not-so-helpfull hints and the gossip stones (adult)
Fairies and potions in Ganon's castle
Castle window mischief
Magic beans square locations
Don't wanna give the hat back?
35-pound Hyrule Loach

Just cool stuff

Ocarina Tunes!!!!!!!

Golden Armor and Crossbow

Using this code you can get this cool golden armor and a crossbow that shoots these kind of glowing purple beams out which are unlimited and it has a really cool aiming system. What you need to do is: First defeat the entire game (it doesn't matter how many skulltalas or hearts you have) up to the Water Temple. Next, while Lake Hylia is dried up, you have to shoot an arrow into the MOON. If it is done correctly you will hear an odd noise like when a stone door opens. You then must go to the bottom of the lake with full power and magic or the magic door will not be open. You must also be wearing the red tunic and have the bombs on bottom C, the arrows in left C and the ocarina in right C. You must play the song of storms anywhere in the dry lake and wait for the rain drops to pour down. You must then QUICKLY search the lake before the rain stops. If you do not do it quickly, the rain will stop and you have to start all over. What you're searching for is an open door at the bottom of the lake which should be glowing. If you enter the special room, a weird old slumped over lady will appear and say "My child, the time has come for you to don the mystic armor and receive the ancient crossbow of the Sheikah people" She then gives them to you and it tells all this junk about how to equip the armor and crossbow by going to the subscreens and stuff and she then just stands there and you can talk to her again but all she says is "Good day my child" After that, you will have the armor which will be in your inventory in the equipment place but it will replace all of your tunics. The crossbow will be in place of your normal bow but the cool thing is that it works where a fire arrow or ice arrow is needed. Don't worry, the armor protects you from fire and water so no tunics are needed!! Try it! Its incredible!! Link looks really cool with the awesome triforce logo on the back of his new golden armor.

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Platnium Scale and Unfreezing Zora's Domain

First enter your name as NABROOU. Then in the Spirit Temple instead of her saying "what kind of name is that". She'll say "I like that name so I'll make a trade." "Get me the SILVER GAUNTLETS and I'll give you these." She hands them over. Then get old and go to Zora's Domain. Next go to the center platform and go to the edge and it should say GRAB. Pick it up and throw it and you will get to see a awesome cinema of all the ice breaking. Then it will turn into water and then sink down with your iron boots. After that go through that little passage and it leads you to a room with a chest and inside. There should be platnium scale.

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More Than 4 bottles

First, you must have one bottle. Go to a underground cave, the ones with fish and bugs in them. Set your bottle with a "c" button. Go to the puddle of water and swing your bottle at the fish. While the bottles in the water, press start. Equip a different item where your bottle is equiped. Now when you get out of the item screen, you will have another bottle.

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Gold Skulltulas

10 Gold Skulltula Tokens: Adult Wallet (holds up to 200 rupees)
20 Gold Skulltula Tokens: Stone of Agony (causes Rumble Pak to shake near hidden areas)
30 Gold Skulltula Tokens: Giant's Wallet (holds up to 500 rupees)
40 Gold Skulltula Tokens: 5 Bombchus.
50 Gold Skulltula Tokens: Piece of Heart
100 Gold Skulltula Tokens: Gold rupee (worth 200 rupees)
Locations of the Gold Skulltulas
* = Young Link
** = Older Link
*** = Doesn't matter if you are old or young.
+ = You get it at night.Note: There are still more we don't know.
- Kokiri Forest - you can find one behind the Know-it-All Brothers' house. * +
One is behind the House of Twins. ** +
If you plant a bottle of bugs into a bean hole, it will sprout a Skulltula. *
- Hyrule Field -One is near the gate to Hyrule Castle. ***
Another one is hidden in the circle of stones near the Gerudo Valley entrance. ***
- Hyrule Castle - There is one in a crate inside the Guard House at the market entrance/ *
Play the Song of Storms near the castle entrance. *
There is a Skulltula in a tree at the entrance of the castle. *
After you fall to Ganondorf, you can find one behind a brick arch. **
- Lon Lon Ranch -One is in a tree at the ranch's gate. *
You can find one behind the corral shed. * +
There is one on the outer wall of the ranch, northwest of the shed. * +
A Skulltula is at the second story window of Talon's house. * +
- Kakariko Village -One is hanging in a tree near the village entrance. * +
Another one is behind the House of Skulltula. * +
At the building under construction, there is one hiding under a pile of bricks. * +
There is one in the graveyard that keeps a boy awake. * +
Another one is nested at the top of the Kakariko lookout tower. * +
A Skulltula is at the roof of Impa's house. ** +- Lost Woods -
A bean hold near the Skull Kid released a Gold Skulltula. *
The bean sprout leads up to a magic platform that has a Skulltula. ** +
Another bean hole near the shortcut to Zora's Domain has a Skulltula. *
- Death Mountain -The first cave on the right houses a Gold Skulltula. ***
A small nook above the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern has one. ** +
After you pass the last of the falling rocks thee is a Skulltula. ** +
There is one in a bean hole in front of Dodongo's Cavern that has one. *
- Goron City -There is one hiding in a crate in the top level of Goron City. *
The central platform has a Skulltula under it. ** +
- Zora's River - The shade of the ladder has one. * +
There is one in the tree near the mouth of the river. *
Near the middle of the river there is a Skulltula along the valley wall. ** +
There is a Skulltula that goes across a wall right before the entrance to Zora's Domain. ** +
- Zora's Domain - When the waterfall is frozen, there is a Skulltula. ** +- Zora's Fountain -
A tree in the southeast corner of Zora's Fountain has a Skulltula. *
There is another one just to the right of the fallen log. * +
A secret grotto near the Great Fairy's Fountain has one. ** +-
Lake Hylia - The island that releases the power of the Fire Arrow also has a Skulltula. * +
There is another one residing in a crate at the bottom of the Lakeside Laboratory's poll.
**Another one is behind the Lakeside Laboratory. * +
A dead tree atop the Water Temple's mount has a Skulltula. ** +
A bean hole near the laboratory has one. Deposit some bottled bugs. *
- Graveyard -There is one along the outer wall of the Graveyard. * +
There is another one in a bean hole. *
- Sacred Forest Meadow - There is one on the east of the stairs. ** +
- Gerudo Valley - The log bridge points to a Skulltula along the dirt wall. * +
A Skulltula keeps the carpenters awake at night. ** + Another Skulltula is under the stone arch. ** +
The bean hole has a Skulltula. *
- Gerudo Fortress - There is one high above the eastern wall of the fortress.** +
When riding on the Horseback Archery Range you will see one behind the northern target pole. ** +
- Haunted Wasteland - The stone structure where you discover the phantom guide has a Skulltula. **
- Desert Colossus - Before the rains you will hear one in the nearby palm trees. ** +
The magic bean platform will reveal another Skulltula. ** +
Drop a few bugs into the bean hole for another Skulltula. *

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Tri-Force Rumors

First you need all 100 Gold Skulltulas. Also, you had to have beaten the game. The next step is hard because it takes so long. Blow up all of the gossip stones. That's right go around Hyrule and blow up every single Gossip stone or this trick will not work! After blowing up all of the gossip stones, Go to links house and once inside, play the Song of Storms on your Ocarina once. Now go to the lon lon ranch and go up to Malone. Next go to Kakariko Village and play the Song of Time inside the windmill. Now go back to Links house and Dark Link will be sitting on the table. Go up to him and play Saria's song. After talking with Dark Link, he will teach you "The Song of the Sages". Remember it because it won't appear on your status screen. Now go back to the Temple of Time and play your new song, The Song of the Sages, in front of the 3 spiritual stones. It will take you to the sacred realm. Go to Hyrule Castle and there will be a new rainbow bridge. Go up the bridge and you will see the Triforce. When you walk towards it, Ganon will fall from the ceiling. He will take all your weapons away from you and all you can use is your mini kids sword. It will take a while to beat him because he is so tough. After you beat him, you will walk up to the triforce. The original Nintendo Zelda music will play.
All you simply need to do is have beaten the game, have every item in the game, and YOU MUST NOT HAVE BEATEN DARK LINK WITH DIN'S FIRE! You need to kill him the hard way, with your sword. Now, return to your house after you have done all this and Dark Link will be sitting at your table. He won't be sitting there if you went to the Bottom of the Well after the Forest Temple! You need to go to the Bottom of the Well before the Shadow Temple! And, you need the Lens of Truth to see him. Whip out your Lens of Truth and you'll see him there. He will then teach you the "Song of the Sages" which does not appear on the subscreen. Make sure you remember it... It's supposed to follow the tune at the ending. Now, go to the Temple of Time and play the Song of the Sages. You will warp to this area with a big gray-blue box. Go up to it and play the "Song of Time." The box will burst open in a ray of light with the shiny, gold Triforce. The Triforce will be yours after that! All it does is it proves that you are the true Zelda Master! I am sorry! I gave one piece of wrong information. After quick studying and going through the whole process again, I found out that you have to use your Lens of Truth outside of your house. You will see Dark Link standing there by the ladder and then he will teach you the Song of the Sages, then vanishes. HE WILL NOT BE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE!

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Marathon Runner

Go to the Marathon Runner in the tent and race him. Now go to Hyrule Market and go inside the bombchu place. DON'T do anything, stay in there for about 5 seconds and come out and go to Kakario Village and go to the house of skulltulas and hit the one in the center. Go out and go to the bridge. The Marathon Runner will beat you. Then find all the skulltulas and go to the house of skulltulas and get the gold rupee and then go back to the Marathin Runner then go outside and get on Epona and go to the birdge and YOU WON!!! The Marathon Runner will give you the gold saddle. You can have 10 carrots you can walk on water, go into every level you know how there's like an invisible barrier you can break through.

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MARATHON RUNNER (another one) You know that running man you sold the bunny mask to? Well, as an adult, you can go to the carpenters' tent and find him there. He asks you to race him to the Kokori Forest bridge. He always happens to beat you by 1 second, though. But if you can get to the bridge in a minute or less he will be right behind you. He will then admit his loss and how he won all those times. It just so happens that he had an extremely rare SuperShot. This is the longshot, except that it has unlimited distance. The only reason you beat him was because he had to aim it, fire it, wait for it to get there, and then reel himself in. He won't give it to you, however. Instead, he'll give you a song that let's you go to any part of the world from the map in your pause screen. You must first play the song, then it will ask you to point where you want to go. Just for a little surprise, I won't tell what the keys are to play the song. That should add a little flavor to the game.

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To get the Triforce, need to have everything in the game without dying(VERY HARD) the song Zelda plays to you at the end of the game(ALSO VERY HARD TO REMEMBER)in the temple of time as a kid and you will be warped to the temple of light and you can get the triforce before Ganon does!

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Swordless Link

First, go to the second battle against gannondorf.... where he hits the master sword out of your hand. Right after he does this, save your game. Then reset. When you come back there will be no sword equiped. This gives you a plethora of options, including riding epona with items.

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Fall into nothing

This trick doesn't do anything in terms of the quest, it's more of a glitch, but it is fun to see. When you are in the ice cavern where you learn the Lake Hylia warp song, you'll notice a small ramp against the floor with some crystals on it. You can't walk up the ramp, but if you face away from the wall and hold down Z, and walk backwards as close to the ramp as possible, and do a backflip, Link will fall through the wall and land on what seems to be nothing; there is complete blackness! After a short time you will end up back in the ice cavern, and your game will not be affected.

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Play the ocarina w/o having it equipped

While playing Zelda (you must at least have one ocarina song), press start and go on the "Quest status" screen , go on a GREY music note (not a warp note) and play it.
While playing that song (could be Zelda's lullaby or any other grey notes) , hold up on the analog stick and hold it up. When the song is over , you'll move off the note and shouldn't have to repeat it. Now press any button and you should hear your ocarina , press start. Now you can play the ocarina while fighting or while running around!
-note- If you want to stop this trick , simply take out your ocarina and play a song.

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Watch some psycho cuccos: without getting hurt!

This trick works only while your an adult and ON (NOT OFF, or you may get killed) Epona. Anyway, after getting Epona, go back to Lon Lon Ranch then after you enter the ranch with Epona, go to the beggining of the ranch's field, and turn left, you'll see about 5 cuccos there, while you're still on you steady stallion, Epona, ram a cucco until it does it's war cry and summons all of its friends. After this, you'll see about 5 more cuccos flying from nowhere trying to kill you, But they cant!!! If you ride around while the cuccos are perusing you, you can witness this huge flock of blood-lusty cuccos after you. If you stop and turn around, you can see all the birds flying by you, and then they turn around and chase you again.

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Mask tricks (adult)

Wearing masks can actually pay off! If you wear the bunny mask while outside in the Hyrule Field, the skeletons will not come out. If you wear the skull mask in dungeons, bats won't bother you!

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Unbreakable deku stick

Go to any place that has a cliff and another cliff beside it. Jump off the cliff with a Deku Stick in your hands. Press the C button that has the Deku Sticks and he will do a double damage swing with it. Half will pop off but you will have half of a stick that is unbreakable!

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Play your sword like the ocarina

Go to a drop off and get a useless item (like a fish in a bottle) and put it on the bottom C button. Then jump off the drop off and push B and the bottom C. If you do it right Link will swing his sword and when he lands the sword will be I his mouth like the ocarina is. It really plays but the pitches are weird. This is very hard to do so if it doesn't work the first time, don't give up.

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Senseless violence, not-so-helpful hints and the Gossip Stones (adult)

There are many secrets with the Gossip Stones hidden all over the land of Hyrule. Here is what happens when you shoot or hit a Gossip with a weapon.

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Ice or Fire Arrow - The stone will spin around really fast, then it will grow tall, the return to normal.

Megaton Hammer - It will get totally flat, then return to normal.

Bomb or Bombchu - It will flash in a countdown then launch into the sky.

Sword (Any One) - It will tell you the time.

Hook/Longshot - It will dance!

If you "speak" to the stone while (child) Link is wearing the Mask of Truth, the stone will tell you something that it overheard (hence the name "Gossip Stone"). Usually it's nothing useful, but tidbits about characters or places. Occasionaly they will hint at secret areas etc. though.

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Epona cam

First do the swordless Link trick then hop on Epona. Have your deku nuts equiped to a "C" button. While riding uphill hold "Z", then press the "C" button with the deku nuts equiped on it. If the camera stays behind Epona when you fall off you did it right. Now the camera will stay behind Epona instead of you. Press "A" when you want Link to reappear on screen.

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Epona Glitch

First do the swordless Link trick (below). Next ride Epona and use a Deku Nut, a bottle containing an item, a magic spell, or your ocarina. You will fall off your horse. Now you can control Epona even if you aren't on her. Now run away from her. The A button should say FASTER. If you press A you will saddle nothing and then you will all of a sudden just appear on Epona.

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Swordless Link 2

To do this, you must first do the Fishing Trick where you get your pole out of the pond (Below). Go across the narrow part of the lake to the right of the fishing place. Go to a spot between the fence where the scarecrows are and the wall. Pull out the fishing rod and cast. Link will sit there like hes fishing. Save your game. If this trick worked there will be a Deku stick where your sword should be. In the menu the Master Sword will be gone. Don't try and pull out a Deku stick because it will freeze and you will have to turn the power off and then back on (reset wont work). The way to get your sword back is to put it back in the Temple of Time and then pull it out again. Dont do this with Biggorons sword. If you do it will still be in the menu but you can't select it and Biggoron won't give you another one.

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Ladder/Hover Boots Glitch

Go to Kakariko Village, then go to the big ladder just below the normal poison shop. (there is a guy on top of it) Climb to just about the top of it. then fall pressing "A" the yellow glow from the hover boots should appear. then grab back on to the ladder,(before the yellow glow runnes out and before you hit the ground) the yellow grow should continue glowing untill you get hit or reach the top or bottem. (This trick works with almost any ladder as long as it isn't too short.)

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Fairies and potions in Ganon's castle

If your having trouble in Ganon's Castle, follow these instructions to find a hidden and very useful item shop. First, go to the lower level in the main room. Next, put on your Lens of Truth and hug the circular wall. You will eventually find a space in the wall. Go inside and there are fairies flying around and Deku scrubs selling potions. Make sure you catch the fairies with your bottles. Then, when you die, they'll fill all your hearts and bring you back to life.

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Link can fly!

After doing the swordless Link trick above, you can do this. This is a little mose complicated, by the basics are this. Get on Epona, and ride down to Gerudo Valley. Get out your Longshot while still on Epona. Then use the Longshot on the pole above the bridge. Then press "return", and link should be grappled on the pole.

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Castle window mischief

When in the courtyard of the Hyrule Castle, where Zelda is, there is a window in front of her and on the far walls beside you (the walls surrounding the courtyard). Take out your slingshot and aim at the windows. The one on the right has pictures of Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, etc. If you shoot that window, a red rupee will come out. If you shoot at the left window, (it has a vase and plant in it) a guy will come out and throw a bomb at you. Its pretty cool as long as you avoid the bomb.

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Psycho cuccos

Anywhere in the game where there are a bunch of chickens, if you try to kill them, they will attack back! After about 5 slashes with your sword, the game goes to a cut scene showing the chicken getting mad. Then he calls all of his friends and they eat you alive! Heh heh, you can get away, but be careful if you don't have many hearts yet! I've seen a player with four hearts killed by psychotic chickens!!!

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Magic bean square locations

Here's the locations of the squares of soil where you can plant magic beans.
  • Lake Hylia by the laboratory.
  • Desert Colossus by the temple.
  • Gerudo Valley by the bridge.
  • To the left of the entrance bridge to Kokiri Forest.
  • By the Kokiri shop.
  • Lost woods - trail to it: right, left, right, left, and left.
  • Zora's river by the bean selling man.
  • Kokariko graveyard at the top-back-left corner.
  • Death mountain trail at the foot of dodongo cavern.
  • Play the Bolero of Fire to warp into the death mountain crater and the square will be right near the point of arrival.

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Catch Fisherman's Hat

First off to do this trick you need to be an adult and you need to have paid the man at the counter of the fishing pond 20 rupees to fish. Go stand a way back from the counter but face the man standing behind it.

Then, cast the line, if it lands right it will swipe the hat off the guy. He will get kinda mad. The cool part is that you can fish with his hat on your lure. Although I havent seen any advantages to this it does make your cast go much shorter then usual. Go back to the guy and give him his hat back and he will thank you.

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Invisible Fisherman's Hat

First, you must go to the fishing pond when you're adult link. Get the gold scale by catching a huge fish. Then take your rod and steal the owner's hat. Walk around until you pick up the sinking lure (It's either on the log in the middle of the lake, or in the little stream). The owner's hat will disapear! Now go back up to the owner, and he'll give you a scolding and put his hat back on, even though it's not on your rod.

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Don't wanna give the hat back?

Ok, first of all you must go to the pond in Lake Hylia and do the Catch The Fisherman's hat trick. Then go over to the pond and start casting. Keep on casting it out and reeling it in until, finally, the hat falls off of the string. The fisherman yells at you some more and says he's not gonna let you off so easy this time and charges you a fifty-rupee fine. The great thing is, he never gets his hat back! Where is the hat? You ask. Well by now it's sunk to the bottom of the pond. If you haven't left yet then just go to the spot where it dropped off and it'll still be there. Even after you restart the game it's gone permanently.

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Game Freeze with Epona

First, go to Gerudo Valley making sure you have the Ocarina of Time equipped with one of the C Buttons. Then enter the village and walk close to a guard (the ones in the white suits) and as soon as they blow the whistle, tap the C Button for the Ocarina so you can play it. The whistle noise will stop and then play Epona's Song. Epona will gallop towards you and Link will stand there with his hands in the air forever, you have to reset the game.

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Link has a laser pointer

As adult Link, select the hookshot as one of the C-buttons. While holding Z, press the C-button for the hookshot. Then press R to pull out your shield. If you did it correctly, you should be holding you shield with the same camera angle. Press A to escape the camera angle. If you performed the trick right, Link's hookshot will still be "aiming" while you are moving around.

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Crazy hopping

To do this trick you must have the hover boots. When you have them, go to the frozen Zora's Domain and go up the stairs to the king. On the platform where you talk to the king, do a forward-roll towards the frozen waterfall. When you hit it hold forward on the joystick. Link will start madly jumping up and down.

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35-pound Hyrule Loach

To catch the Hyrule Loach, go to the fishing pond when you're an adult. It is also best to find the sinking lure first, before you try to catch it. Use the Iron Boots to locate the loach under water. It looks longer and darker than the other fish (looks like an eel) and is usually resting in the bottom-center of the pond. After you've located it, go back out of the water and cast you're lure so it sinks a few spaces in front of it. Wait for it to start moving, then move your lure with the B button. If you're lucky enough the loach will follow your lure and bite it. Then jwst reel it in. It weighs 35 pounds, and if you take it to the front desk, the man will give you 50 rupees.

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Hover Fishing

You can only do this trick if you are adult Link and have the Hover Boots. First pay the man to go fishing, then put on the Hover Boots. Walk up to the edge of the water, take a few steps into the water and press B before the boots stop hovering. It will cast the bait but you will still be able to walk around. You can also catch fish by using this trick.

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Cruel cruel Link

This is a neat trick in Kakariko Village. First, you need to go to the House of Skulltulla (The place where you claim your prizes for destroying gold Skulltulas). Walk around the room until one of the cursed Skulltullas falls down in front of you. Z-target him. take a quick swing at him with your sword. When he reacts by swinging around, quickly run around him and slash his soft back like you would to defeat a Big Skulltulla. He will scream in pain and turn a blueish colour as if you stunned him!

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Ocarina Tunes

Here's how the buttons work: A, Cu, Cd, Cl, Cr: A, C-Up, C-Down, C-left, C-Right Z, R: Press Z and/or R with the A or C button U, D: Push analog stick up or down with the A or C button

For example, U-R-Cu means to push up, R, and C-Up at the same time. If it has a number before it, like 2-Cr, you would press C-Right twice. And, finally, the songs (these are arranged in order of difficulty, the easy ones first):

Pink Panther: 
Z-A, A, Z-Cd, Cd, Z-A, A, Z-Cd, Cd, R-Cr, Cr, A, Cd, Cr, Z-Cr, U-Cd, Cd, 
A, D-A, A, Z-A, A, Z-Cd, Cd, Z-A, A, Z-Cd, Cd, R-Cr, Cr, Cd, Cr, Cu, 

1812 Overture: 
Cd, D-Cr, Cr, D-Cr, Cd, D-Cr, Cr, 2-Cd 

Fur Elise: 
Cu, Z-Cu, Cu, Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, D-Cr, Z-Cl, U-Cd, A, UCd< r, Z-Cl, A, Cr, 
Z-Cl, Z-U-Cl 

William Tell Overture: 
6-A, D-Cr, Cu, 3-A, 3-Cl, Cr, R-Cd, A, 6-A, D-Cr, Cr, Cl, DCr, Cl, Cu, 
Cl, Cr, D-Cr, Cl, D-Cr 

Ocarina M*A*S*H Theme 
Cr, U-Cd, Cd, U-Cd, Cd, U-Cd, Cd, U-A 
Cd, U-A, Cd, U-A, Cd, U-A, A 
Cd, U-A, A, U-A, A, U-A, A, D-A 
U-A, A, D-A, A, D-A, A, U-A, Cd 
Cr, Cl, Cr, Cl, Cr, Cl, Cr 
Cr, Cl, Cr, Cl, Cr, Cl, Cr 
Cr, Cd, Cr, Cl, Cu, U-Cu, Cu, Cl, Cr, Cl 

Simpsons theme: 
Cd, Cr, Cl, Cu, D-Cu, D-Cl, Cd, A, 3-Z-D-A, D-A 

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: 
2-D-A, 2-D-Cr, 2-cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, 2-A, D-A, 2-D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, 
A, 2-D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, A, 2-D-A, 2-D-Cr, 2-cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, 
2-A, D-A, 

Jurassic Park theme: 
Cu, Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, D-Cr, Cu, Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, D-Cr, Cu, 2-Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, A, 

Titanic theme: 
4-Cd, Z-Cd, 2-Cd, Z-Cd, Cd, U-Cd, Cr, U-Cd, 4-Cd, Z-Cd, 2-Cd, D-A 

Men in Black theme: 
A, Cd, A, 3-Cr, D-Cr, Cr, R-Cr, Cr, Cd, U-Cd, Cr 

Frosty the Snowman: 
A, Z-D-A, D-A, A, U-Cd, R-Cd, U-Cd, Cr, U-Cd, R-Cd, Z-Cd, A 

In My Room (Beach Boys): 
2-D-A, A, D-A, 2-U-A, Cd, U-A, 2-U-Cd, Cr, Cd, 2-U-Cd, U-A, A, Cd, A, 

Good Riddance (Green Day): 
2-A, Z-D-A, A, U-A, R-Cd, U-A, A, Z-D-A, A, Z-D-A, A, U-A, R-Cd, 2-A, 
Z-D-A, 2-A, Z-Cd, A, 2-Z-A, A 

Closing Time (Semisonic): 
Cu, Cl, D-Cl, Cl, 2-D-Cl, 2-D-Cr, 2-Z-Cd, D-Cr, Cl, R-Cl, Cl, Cr, Cl, 

Overworld theme from Zelda: 
Cd, D-A, 2-Cd, U-Cd, Cr, 3-D-Cu, Cu, U-Cu, 3-R-U-Cu, U-Cu, Cu, U-Cu, Cu, 
2-R-Cl, Z-Cl, R-Cl, Cu, R-Cl, Z-Cl, D-Cl, Z-Cl, R-Cl, Z-Cl, D-Cl, D-Cr, 
Cr, Cl, Cu, D-Cu, then D-A many many times 

Star Wars theme: 
3-D-A, Cd, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, D-Cr, U-R-Cu, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, D-Cr, U-R-Cu, 
R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, Z-Cl, D-Cr, 2-Cd, D-Cr 

Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back: 
3-U-Cd, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr, 3-Cu, R-Cu, R-Cr, R-Cd, R-A, 
R-Cr, D-Cr 

Axel F (Theme from Beverly Hills Cop): 
A, Cd, 2-A, U-Cd, A, D-A, A, Cr, 2-A, Z-Cl, Cr, Cd, A, Cr, Cu, A, 2-D-A, 
Cr, Z-Cd, A 

Star Trek theme: 
Cd, Z-Cl, R-Cu, Cu, Z-Cl, D-Cr, R-Cl, U-R-Cu 

Mary Had a Little Lamb: 
Cl, Cr, D-Cr, Cr, 3-Cl, 3-Cr, Cl, 2-Cu 

Kakariko Village Theme: 
A, U-Cd, A, Cl, U-Cd, Cu, A, U-Cd, A, Cl, U-Cd, 2-Cu, U-Cu, R-Cd, U-Cu, 
Cu, 3-Cl, Cr, 3-U-Cd, R-Cd, Cr, U-Cd, A, D-A, D-Z-A, D-A, A, D-Z-A, 
2-U-Cd, R-Cd, Cr, U-Cd, A, Cu, D-Cu, Cl, Cr, D-Cr 

One Week (Barenaked Ladies)
*NOTE* Due to the many harmonies of Barenaked Ladies, and a battle of 
melodies ensuing between the authors, which ended in a draw, there are 
two versions of the second part of the song. 
A, Cd, 2-Cd, U-Cd, Cd, U-Cd, 2-Cd, 6-Cr, 3-Cd, U-Cd, Cd 
Willow: 6-Rcl, 4-Cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd 
Hoops: 4-R-Cl, 2-Cr, 2-R-Cr, 2-Cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd 

Mission Impossible theme 
2-R-A, R-Cd, Z-Cr, 2-D-Cd, Z-A, A R-A, R-Cd, Cl, A, Cd, R-Cr, Z-A, Z-Cd, 
Cr, Z-Cr, D-Cr

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