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A bad dream

"Where am I", I thought," it looks like a castle. And what's that?!
The draw bridge is coming down. He! Watch it! They almost run over me!
Who are they? A strange looking woman and a girl on a white horse.
It looks like they are escaping for something. Huh, another horse.
Oh my god. Who is that scary man in black armour. I think they're escaping
from him.""Link! Wake up! He! Wake up!""Where is that voice coming from
and where is the castle? Oh I get it, it was just a bad dream."
Then I saw a fairy flying in my room and calling my name."What's the matter?"
I asked." I'm Navi and from now on am I your fairy." answered the fairy."Why?" I said
"I have never had a fairy.""The Deku tree will explain it to you. He summons you,"
said Navi"you must hurry. There isn't much time!""Well, if the Deku tree says so I must
come." I said. I grapped my rupee. "maybe it will be usefull"I thought. Then I walked out
of my house. "He! since when do you have a fairy?" asked Saria, my best friend,
who was right outside my house."Since I'm summoned by the Deku tree"
I answered."Wow! That's great! Good luck then."she said. Next I walked to the
gate to the Deku tree, but when I wanted to enter, Mido stopped me
and asked:" Where are you going? And why do you have a fairy?"" I'm going to the
Deku tree, because he summoned me, that's where I'm going."I answered.
"I don't trust you, because you aren't one of us. Why would the Deku tree
summon you and not me?"Besides, when you want to enter you first must have
at least a shield and a sword. It's dangerous out there for losers like you."